lives and works in berlin

* 1973 freystadt | bayern

2023 duo show at kunstwild, berlin.“kultour ’23“, gallery art walk through 63 stations – extracts of „cluster II“

2022 duo show at kunstwild, berlin. „kultour ’22“, gallery art walk through 63 stations – extracts of „cluster II“

2021 solo show at kunstwild, berlin – extracts of „being dominique claude marneau“

2020     interreligious, biographic project (photography | documentation). exhibition in one of berlins most visited congegrations, the neo-gothic protestant church „st. bartholomaeus“ – pastor joachim goertz. interfaith work of  „in abrahams schoss“

2020     group show with sabine wild at atelier sabine wild, berlin-friedenau. „das wahre leben“. extracts of „territories“ (sabine wild) and „the last chapter“ (mario dollinger)

2019     soloshow | multimedia installation, catholic church „zu unserer lieben frau“, kulturnacht neumarkt i. d. oberpfalz. extracts of „cluster II | VI interludium“

2019     group show, „robe of light“, wm gallery , chengdu/china. sabine wild, zhang jian, zeng rui. cooperation with ling luo | china conception. extracts of „cluster I and II“.

2019     groupshow, „show your darling: wildnis“. atelier sabine wild, berlin

2018     web-art-project griesbach art, with guenter grass, helmut middendorf, alberto castro lenero. extracts of „les bonnes vacances“

2018     groupshow, „show your darling: das bett“. atelier sabine wild, berlin

2017     groupshow, ifs l7 art gallery chengdu | china. sabine wild, wang tianxing, zeng rui. cooperation with ling luo | china conception. extracts of „cluster I and II“

2016     placet charity at hotel de rome, berlin, auction house lempertz. participation together with aldo cristofaro, olafur elliason, markus luepertz, daniel richter, marc brandenburg, ralf ziervogel. extracts of „cluster II“

2015     soloshow at nr | projects – gallery, berlin. extracts of „the last chapter“

2015     private portrait session on the behalf of king juan carlos I, spain

2015     art and lifestyle magazine „the weekender“. artist portrait of aldo cristofaro

2014     portfolio show with f. c. gundlach and ingo taubhorn. pavlov´s dog, berlin

2013     movie set „coming in“, berlin, extracts from „cluster II“

2012     gallery weekend ´12, departmentstore galeries lafayette, installation in public space, berlin. extracts of „serie francaise“

2011     photobookfestival kijk papers, kassel. „katalog – 5 essays“

2005     int. photofestival perpignan, france. „daemonen“

 2004 – 2006     photography studies at ostkreuzschule fuer fotografie,

professor ute mahler, werner mahler, sybille bergemann, wiebke loeper

„die welt ist fuer mario dollinger eine buehne und seine bilder erzaehlen voller poesie jedem von uns eine andere geschichte. bilder, die an unterschiedlichen orten fotografiert sind, fuegen sich zu einem neuen und fremden ganzen. das offenlassen ist das geheimnis. mario dollinger inszeniert seine bilder nicht. er vertraut seinem ungewoehnlichen blick auf das scheinbar alltaegliche, indem er das besondere darin entdeckt. die bilder werden zu metaphern. sie sind stark in ihren irritationen und eigenwillig in ihrer aesthetik.“

(„the world is a stage for mario dollinger. his pictures tell each of us a different story, for all of us a story filled with poetic insight. his pictures, which are photographed at various locations, are then assembled into a new and previously unrealised whole; a new composition of the unknown. the pictures are suggestive, in that he leaves open the interpretation he creates, and so doing leaves us with a sense of mystery and even awe. mario dollinger does not arrange his works in a preconceived way, with predetermined effects. instead, he relies on his unusual sense of perspective, his vision of everyday objects. he imbues these „everyday“ objects with a heightened significance, whereby the pictures become metaphors for the creative process at work. his works are powerful, and even if they appear confusing, provocative; singular in their artistic effect, assertive in their beauty.“ – translated into english by christine and chris tokunaga)

professor ute mahler | 2015, november